Monday, November 24, 2014

Report Time

 Writing Reports . . . and November in my garden

Saturday, November 15, 2014

November is my best garden month

 The poppies this year have been amazing.  So many different colours I have collected over the years.  They make a great display.
 The iris's have also been fantastic.  There is a different picture to look at everyday.
 A spot of sewing for a special friend's birthday

 . . . and more flowers

 I've had this cactus for around 20 years and it has only ever given me one flower for the last 2 years.  I was going to repot it this year, when I noticed 12 buds coming.  The other day I had 5 flowers out at once and it was truly magnificent.  The scent was divine and I'm glad I raced over to get my neighbour to share it with, as they only last 2 days.  Those 5 have gone now, but another 3 are about to pop with the next sunny day.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Garage Sale that was . . .

 Last Saturday was the Garage Sale Hoorah!
A massive clean out at mum and dads of a "lifetime of treasures"
There were garden magazines, in categories!

 It was like "Selfridges" with departments!
 and that plants . . . oh the plants . . .
If only I'd lived closer - I did manage to squeeze a few in my little car!

 A very BIG WEEKEND and a final good-bye
 We even had music playing while we set up on the Friday.  Miss Flowergarden belting out a tune on the veranda overlooking the farm.
 And a beautiful sunset that night

Friday, October 31, 2014

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Week and a Lifetime of Memories

 I took some leave from work, to help my Mother pack up her house.
 It was a busy week - amongst the flowers!
 She has a beautiful garden . . . and so do her friends.  I may have managed a garden tour or two between the boxes!

 Mum's a great Floral Artist, so there are many accessories, just like any other hobby. (Not to mention the 17 boxes from the knitting machine hobby!)
 My father was in love with newspapers, and every other scrap of paper he ever wrote on.  One of my jobs was to sift through the MANY MANY boxes of paperwork and keep "the good stuff!" Lots of treasures were unearthed.
 This is the keeping and . . .
 this is the burning!
 With all the memories from childhood, I started missing my kids . . .
 I had to think about heading home
 One more trip back for the MASSIVE Garage Sale
 . . . and then it will be good-bye Greyacres,
 . . . and mum will be joining me to live in Ballarat.
. . . and so the next chapter will begin -
"the world is unfolding as it should"